About Me


Hello, my name is Angela. Welcome and thank you for visiting my site; ‘Happy Feel Good News’. I hope you will find it very inspirational and uplifting.

I was inspired to launch my website ‘Happy Feel Good News’ focusing only on stories with an uplifting, find bride feel-good message. Why? Because PEOPLE FREAKIN’ ROCK!! and these stories from around the world remind us just how awesome our world and the people in it are. It’s too easy to forget that because everywhere we look; there is so much information, news stories and opinions coming at us from so many directions telling us otherwise.

It comes from television, the Internet, social media, blogs, friends, co-workers and the list goes on. Unfortunately the majority of the input (if we are not paying attention to what we are allowing in our lives) can be filled with negativity and drama giving the impression that our world find bride is filled with chaos and hatred.

I don’t believe our world and the people are primarily this way. I believe the majority of our world is filled with loving, kind, caring people and that is what I want to celebrate and highlight on this website.

I hope you will find pleasure in reading the articles presented on this site and find your own piece of inspiration, happiness, or hope.

Happy Feel Good News